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About Clinical Racing

Clinical Racing is an off-road racing team that is based in Southern California. Clinical Racing races its Class 2000 race truck which started out as a 2005 GMC Canyon. Class 2000 is a limited racing class that requires the vehicles to have a steel cab, use the factory frame, and have leaf springs. Clinical Racing has built the truck itself and takes pride in creating something that no one else has done. In a sea of Fords and Toyotas, this is one of the only Chevys in the field creating a one-of-a-kind look that gets plenty of looks.

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------- SCHEDULE -------

2023 Schedule

  • Feb. 24-25  MORE Slash X Duel in the Desert, Barstow, CA

  • March 8-12  Mint 400, Las Vegas, NV 

  • April 14-16 SNORE Battle At Primm, Primm, NV

  • April 28-29  MORE McKenzies 250, Lucerne Valley, CA

  • May 26-29 Total Off Road Rally, Desser, WI

  • July 7-9  MORE GG Lighting Freedom Cup, Glen Helen, CA

  • Sept. 22-23  MORE PCI Race Radios 300, Johnson Valley, CA

  • Oct. 4-8 California 300, Barstow, CA

  • Dec. 1-2  MORE Transaxle Engineering Challenge, Barstow, CA

  • Dec. 8-10 SNORE Rage At The River, Laughlin, NV 


*Additional races and special events will continue to be announced for 2023.


------- PARTNERS -------

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