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Clinical Racing Transaxle Engineering Race Debrief

After learning from the first race out, Clinical Racing was ready to take on the MORE Racing Series Transaxle Engineering Challenge. The Class 2000 truck, sportsman leaf spring class, headed back to Barstow, California for the second race.

Prerunning the course they were able to see that there was going to be plenty of high speed sections along with plenty of technical areas. Clinical had their lines planned and were ready to go.

Taking off the starting line alone, they took a rear start but this race everyone would go off the line by themselves. As soon as the green flag they headed down Barstow Main before heading off in to the rough desert.

The race was a bumpy one. Barstow Main is not for the weak and tests the truck’s durability right from the start. The course then lead to a new race section that featured a slalom style section where the team was able to gain ground on a vehicle that passed them.

Heading down one of the first straightaway sections Clinical Racing started to hear a metal clanking noise. They pulled over and inspected the truck, but did not notice anything that would be causing it.

The team continued on their way but shortly after the noise came back. They stopped to discover the driver rear shock no longer attached to the truck as it had ripped the shock mount off.

The shock was removed and the team attempted to continue. They were only able to creep along due to the missing shock. Near RM 9 the team pulled over and put their pride aside and decided to call the race.

The weekend wasn’t over for Clinical Racing. With the race done, the truck headed to Holley’s LS Fest West at the Las Vegas Speedway. The event drew thousands of spectators to the all LS event.

Clinical Racing is looking forward to the next MORE race coming up on June 5th and would like to thank all of its sponsors.

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